Pastoral Care

At Abbots Bromley School, we strive to create a caring and supportive environment in which pupils can thrive – academically and socially – to achieve their full potential.

To do this, they need to be healthy, feel safe and enjoy being at school. Numerous support networks within the school, aided by small class size and understanding and supportive teachers ensure that all pupils receive the highest level of pastoral care.

Upon entering the Senior School, all pupils are placed in a form under the care of a Form Tutor. Usually they will remain with the same group of students throughout the Key Stage, encouraging the development of strong relationships within the form. We place great emphasis on close contact with parents, believing that issues are best addressed jointly and as early as possible and the form tutor is usually the first point of contact for this.

Students are encouraged from the start to take responsibility for their own learning – for example, they are expected to maintain their school planners in order to help them to plan ahead and keep to deadlines. The Form Tutor will oversee this and parents are encouraged to use the planners to maintain an overview into their child's progress day to day. This is also a good way for parents to communicate with tutors, if they need to do so.

Those students who board also come under the care of the boarding team, consisting of a dedicated house mistress/master, boarding tutors, assistants and a medical team.  The school nurses support the pastoral care of both boarding and day pupils, liaising with parents and ensuring care-plans are in place. They also provide information about health and emotional issues in PHSE and Science/Biology lessons throughout the school. The school also has an independent and confidential counsellor with whom students are able to discuss matters of concern.

All students are allocated to one of four Houses, led by a Head of House,  enabling them to interact with students in different years. The House system incorporates a large number of competitions including sports events, music and drama performances, academic challenge and Christmas Bazaar. Throughout, the emphasis is on friendly rivalry, co-operation and maximum achievement by a wide range of pupils.

As students progress through the school, their House in particular will afford the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities, take part in fundraising for local, national and international causes and assume increasing responsibility for the care of younger pupils.

Outside of the House, the prefectorial and mentoring systems encourage pupils to become actively involved in helping others and offer them the opportunity to take responsibility and be a role model for others. Forum allows them to express views on issues of concern to them and participation in this is open to representatives from pupils of the full age range. These experiences are invaluable in building confidence and self-esteem, both pre-requisites for ensuring the highest possible standards of performance.

We follow an Anglican tradition but welcome students of all faiths. The Chapel is central to life at Abbots Bromley; regular chapel services provide an opportunity for reflection and during these important times together we seek to deepen our understanding of the nature of what it means to be human and allow space for us to recognise the spiritual dimension to life. We have a dedicated Chaplain, who serves and supports the entire school community – pupils, staff and their families alike.

The Assistant Head (Staff and Student Support) has overall responsibility for pastoral matters. The Head of ABIC is the Designated Senior Safeguarding Lead. General pastoral care issues are regularly discussed by the Heads of House Team, which is chaired by the Assistant Head. The Safeguarding Team also meets regularly, this group consists of representatives from all those groups responsible for pastoral care in the school – the medical sister, Head of Boarding, Assistant Head (Staff and Student Support) and the Learning Enrichment Co-ordinator. Other groups meet regularly, feeding into the Safeguarding Team.