Pastoral Care

We have a highly effective pastoral system and dedicated members of our pastoral team who work closely with academic staff to provide a high level of care for our pupils.

Every child has different needs and prior to joining Abbots Bromley Prep School, we work closely with families to ensure a smooth transition, enabling each pupil to integrate quickly and smoothly into their new school.

We encourage potential pupils to come to school for a Taster Day before joining the school. Pupils join their current year groups and experience a typical day. Days can be booked around pupils' interests, including taster sessions and extra-curricular activities. New pupils are well looked after and they quickly feel comfortable finding their way around and getting to know their peers.

Generally pupils join at the beginning of a term, but we understand that sometimes there is a need to join mid-term. We are happy to facilitate this and support pupils and families to ensure a rapid and happy transition.

Class teachers, pastoral staff and the Head of Prep work closely together. Meetings with staff are easily arranged at short notice.

As a boarding school, we are able to provide 24 hour medical care. The medical team is a key part of our pastoral team and someone is always on hand to tend to scratched knees or poorly tummies. Prescribed medicine can be administered by School Nurses, and if pupils are unable to attend lessons, they can be admitted to the Medical Centre and looked after until parents arrive to collect them.