At Abbots Bromley Prep School we provide an extensive enrichment programme, catering for a wide range of interests and talents. It comprises of a mix of charged extra-curricular lessons and enrichment activities offered as part of the creative curriculum.

During our school day, we incorporate an 'Enrichment' session. This breaks up the school day very effectively and we enjoy many benefits from this timetable structure. Some charged extra-curricular activities take place during this time and in addition, staff offer a variety of enrichment clubs. At the start of each term, pupils select which clubs they would like to join. It is an opportunity for them to participate in an activity in which they are interested, for example sports, craft, drama, photography – the selection changes each term. Pupils from the age of 6, may choose riding as an extra-curricular activity.

Music plays a significant part of school life, and all Key Stage 2 pupils join the Prep School Choir, with opportunities for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils to join a Key Stage 2/Key Stage 3 choir. Many pupils play a variety of musical instruments and have individual lessons. The School Orchestra involves instrumentalists from Key Stage 2 and above.

Many options are offered in Dance, including ballet, jazz and tap. We also offer a Foundation Dance course for pupils who wish to dance every day, without compromising their academic studies. This can then lead to the Pre-vocational dance course offered from Year 7 in Senior School.

Speech and Drama is a popular extra-curricular activity, preparing pupils for LAMDA examinations. Musical Theatre is an extra-curricular option, combining pupils' singing, dancing and acting talents. The Prep School has high standards of drama and performance and there is a production every term, ranging from the Pre-Prep Nativity in the Michaelmas Term to a Key Stage 2 Musical in the Summer Term.