Academic Learning

The first years of a child's education are vital in establishing a strong foundation for their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. In the Prep School a team of highly-qualified, dedicated staff aim to make these years both productive and enjoyable, providing an enriching all-round education and promoting a love of learning.

As a non-selective school, our aim is to encourage all pupils to reach their full potential in every area of endeavour, acknowledging that all pupils have different skills and talents. A particular emphasis is placed on academic achievement through a cohesive, creative and enriching curriculum, broadly following National Curriculum guidelines, but extending far beyond.

A differentiated approach to learning, ensures pupil progress, providing challenge and support where necessary. Our pupils are encouraged to be independent thinkers and acquire knowledge and understanding alongside practical skills.

The core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science are taught, and all pupils have lessons in History, Geography, Computing, Modern Foreign Languages, Religious Studies, PSHE, Music, Art, Design and Technology (including Food Technology), PE and Swimming. Taking learning 'off the page' is important, and full use is made of the school grounds, excellent facilities and the local area, with regular class trips organised to support and enhance learning, including residential trips as pupils get older.

Academic progress is regularly monitored, assessed and targets are set. It is important to work in partnership with parents in order to provide the best experience for pupils. Parents are kept well-informed about their child's progress, with regular reports and termly Parents' Meetings.

Additional support for pupils is targeted where assistance is required. Our specialist Learning Enrichment Support staff work closely with class teachers providing strategies and support to enable pupils to progress.