Life in the UK

Abbots Bromley School is a small boarding and day school in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside and by its very nature it will be very different from most of the overseas schools that pupils may have come from. It will take only a short time to settle in and it will all become familiar very quickly.

There are major seasonal and climatic differences and the terms are very different. At AB we have three terms- Michaelmas (September to early December), Lent (early January to March) and Summer (April to early July). There are half terms in each term when the school is closed and two exeats per term for boarders when all boarders are encouraged to go home or to guardians/friends. However, there may be the opportunity for pupils from Year 9 upwards to remain in school if travel proves too onerous. They have a fun day on the Saturday away from school whilst Sunday is a more relaxed day. It is important for all pupils to have a break from their studies and experience English life and culture.

All students in the Sixth Form are advised to open a Bank account before or on arrival and are expected to manage their own finances. However, staff will be available to give guidance on this. There are no banks in Abbots Bromley Village although there is a small shop with a cash point. All students under Year 12 are expected to hand in pocket money to the Heads of Boarding for safekeeping.

Girls up to Year 11 are expected to wear uniform during the day which can be obtained from the school supplier prior to arrival. Boys in Year 11 Foundation and sixth form students wear a navy blue suit. A smart white blouse or shirt with a collar and smart black shoes will be expected to be worn for special occasions and you can view the uniform here. After school and at weekends tidy home clothes may be worn. It is advisable for pupils to bring warm clothes and sensible shoes with them as clothes can be expensive in the UK.

Food in the UK may be very different and it may well take time to adjust to a different diet. The Heads of Boarding hold regular Food Committee meetings where suggestions can be put forward to the school Caterer. There are also themed International evenings when the Caterer cooks International dishes. Our Chef Manager is very happy for any input a boarder would like to make. A special diet for medical or religious purposes can also be catered for easily.

As a Christian school pupils are expected to attend chapel during the week and at weekends regardless of religion. However, if required, there is a room should a quiet place be needed outside chapel for religious observance.