All students will be registered in Abbots Bromley village with the school Doctor on arrival in the UK. They will be entitled to all health services (doctor, dentist and optometrist) whilst a student at Abbots Bromley. Students who choose to stay in the UK during school holidays can obtain medical treatment under the National Health Service as a 'temporary resident'.

The school has a Medical centre where students may stay under the care of resident Nurses if they are too unwell to return to their own bed. The medical sister runs two clinics daily and students are very welcome to talk to the staff about any problem that may arise. There is also a school Counsellor who visits once a week should any student require a confidential service and appointments can be made to see her through the school medical centre.

All medication should be handed into the Medical Sisters on arrival at Abbots Bromley. Any specific illness requiring medication should have an accompanying doctor's letter detailing the illness and prescribed medication. All non-EU students must show that they have paid the Immigrant Health Surcharge before arrival in school.