Inspection Reports

In April 2016, the school had a 'Compliance Inspection' which is available on this page to download. During the two day process, four inspectors evaluated the eight areas of the school outlined in the final report. We were delighted with the outcome of the report. Not only was the school compliant in all eight areas, we also received some of the best questionnaire responses that the inspection team had seen.

The inspectors observed learning and teaching, met students, visited boarding and the dining room, interviewed staff and collected data from parental and student questionnaires prior to the inspection.

Parental Responses

  • 95% of parents felt that their child was happy at the school and that their child was making good progress.
  • 97% of parents felt their child was safe at the school and was well looked after.
  • 93% of parents felt the school promoted good behaviour and there was someone to whom their child could go if problems were to arise.
  • 93% felt bullying was dealt with effectively and behaviour was good and well managed.
  • 93% of parents stated they would recommend the school to others and that their child's individual needs were being met.
  • In boarding 100% of parents felt the accommodation was well maintained and that their children were well looked after if they were ill or injured.
  • 100% stated that they could contact their child and boarding staff easily should they need to do so.
  • 100% felt that their child and their belongings were safe in boarding and that the boarding staff treated their child fairly.
  • 100% of parents felt that the balance of free time and activities for the students in boarding was right.

Student Responses

  • 96% of students at AB enjoy school and 97% found their lessons interesting and engaging.
  • 96% felt that they were given support in order to learn and 99% said they could get help if they need to.
  • 99% stated that the school encourages them to do their best and 97% said they felt safe and happy at school.
  • 95% of the students felt that their views were listened to and 98% commented on how good the behaviour was at the school.
  • 92% felt the teachers were fair and 93% said the school dealt effectively with bullying with 97% of them reporting they could go to a member of staff and report a problem.
  • In boarding 95% of the students enjoyed life with 98% of them saying how well they got on with one another.
  • 98% of the students felt they were looked after when ill and 95% could contact their friends and family easily.
  • 100% of the students said they felt safe in boarding but did not like the food so much with only 66% saying they liked the food in boarding though this was somewhat countered by 92% saying they could have snacks and refreshments outside of meal times.
  • 98% of the students felt they had been treated fairly and were happy with the balance of activities.

All in all, this was a first class set of parental and student responses and reflects the considerable amount of work that is being done in the school; to ensure the progress of students in their learning as well as making them feel valued, safe and cared for. The inspection team fed back to leadership and governors on what an incredible school Abbots Bromley School truly is, the journey we have made over recent years and the standard of education, behaviour, attitude, personal development and demeanour of our students. They also commented on the immaculate grounds, the cleanliness of the buildings and the accommodation in boarding for our students. We are very proud of this report.

Abbots Bromley School ISI Compliance Inspection Report April 2016

We are immensely proud of the BTEC Dance and Performing Arts courses that are offered under the direction of The Alkins School of Dance. These courses are rigorous in terms of preparation, performance and written work and the delivery of these is inspected annually.

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