Items which are not included in the base fees and which will be charged for separately include:

  • Chargeable curriculum/activity based trips
  • Some Extra Curricular Activities
  • Pre-Vocational and Vocational Dance Course Fees
  • Equestrian Fees
  • Flexi-Boarding Fees
  • School Uniform
  • Insurance
  • School Transport

Nothing will be charged as an extra without prior parental notice and agreement.


Scholarships & Exhibitions

We currently offer:

Scholarships up to a 20% reduction on base fees and mandatory fees

Exhibitions up to a 10% reduction on the base and mandatory fees.

Scholarships & Exhibitions are available in the following disciplines:

  • Academic
  • Art
  • Dance or Musical Theatre
  • Equestrian
  • Languages
  • Music
  • Sport

Any scholarships or exhibition awards are based on a student's ability or potential ability in certain subject areas.

Sibling Discount 
Whilst the first (eldest) child is still in attendance at Abbots Bromley School we will offer a 10% reduction on base fees to siblings.

We currently offer a 10% reduction on base fees for any student who has a parent serving in the armed forces.

We currently offer a 10% reduction on base fees for any student whose parent is a serving member of the clergy.

Former Student Discount
There is a 10% reduction in fees for students whose parent was a former student at Abbots Bromley School and is also a current member of the Guild of St. Mary and St. Anne.

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