Music is an integral part of life at Abbots Bromley School. It is both part of the daily rhythm of the school and the punctuation throughout the academic year which marks and enhances important events and celebrations.

It is the overriding aim of the music department that all students should develop a lifelong love of music, and in particular practical music-making. This is achieved in a variety of ways: exceptional curriculum and peripatetic teaching; access to extra-curricular activities of the highest standard; a strong partnership between the liturgical and musical life of the school; a packed calendar of concerts, recitals and trips by and for the school's students; and singing, for everybody, at every available opportunity.

Musical opportunities include:

  • Cantoria (Senior Choir)
  • Cantorini (choir for Years 6-9)
  • Cadence (Year 8 chorister programme)
  • Prep School Choir (Years 3-6)
  • Orchestra
  • Jazz band
  • Garageband Club
  • Theory Club
  • AB Cappella (close harmony singing group)
  • Various small instrumental groups

The school's ensembles have performed in a range of venues including the Birmingham Symphony Hall, The Elgar Concert Hall and Chelmsford Cathedral. They also provide the music for annual school events such as "Carols in the Round", the school’s Carol Service, Speech Day and Commemoration Day.

Instrumental and Vocal tuition is available to all students, and almost any instrument can be accommodated. Students in the Prep School learn both recorder and one orchestral instrument as part of their curriculum.

We have a music department with over 15 practice rooms, a teaching room with a suite of apple macs, a number of large and smaller performance spaces, a Steinway grand, the school organ in the chapel, and a considerable number of orchestral instruments, drums, hand held percussion, xylophones and keyboards available to students.

Your son or daughter may be looking to go on to a conservatoire to study, they may enjoy playing in a band, they might enjoy setting music to film. Whatever their experience of music, you can be sure it will grow and flourish at Abbots Bromley School.