The beautiful Chapel of Saint Anne - over 135 years old and designed by the son of the architect of Lancing College Chapel - is a remarkable space for worship and prayer and, like all great places of worship, well-suited to other activities as well. After all, for Christians, all of life comes into worship.

 All members of the school community are encouraged to think of it as their chapel - a place for quiet and reflection open to them when they do not have commitments elsewhere. It is a place both grand and intimate that has been much prayed in and has enriched the lives of generations of students and former students who regularly come back to visit and even sometimes to celebrate their weddings here.

The Chapel - especially the regular celebration of the Eucharist - has an educational value in its own right outside its formal role and thus not only for communicant Christians. Collective worship plays a role in everything from strengthening literacy skills and informing the study of history to fostering our students' abilities in public reading and performance.

The Chapel is a constant reminder to all members of the community that we are called to have real, active concern for one another, to be a community in which the newcomer finds welcome, and where some of the deepest realities of human life are explored with tact and honesty. All of this is meant to emanate from our belief that the love of God in Christ is meant to shape all of human life.