Health and Wellbeing

Abbots Bromley School has a stand alone medical centre which is fully manned by two qualified nurses. There are separate facilities for both boy and girl boarders who are ill and unable to return to the boarding Houses. Clinics are held twice a day and the Medical Sister will arrange for pupils to see a Doctor, Dentist, Optometrist and other Specialist Services, if required.

All boarders are registered with the School Doctor in the village and all non-overseas students should hand in their NHS card to the medical sister.  All overseas boarders are entitled to medical care and will have paid a Government Health Tax as part of their BRP process.

All medication must be handed in and kept by the Medical Sister unless otherwise advised. The School Counsellor visits every Tuesday and should any student wish to talk to her in confidence they may make an appointment at the Medical Centre.

All students are advised on a healthy life style. There is ample opportunity for sports throughout the school day and at weekends, as well as the use of the school Fitness Room for older students. A healthy and varied diet is provided by the award winning caterers Holroyd Howe.