All students are advised to bring a £100 per term and this is expected to be handed into the Heads of Boarding for safe keeping. Sixth Formers have a safe and younger students have a lockable drawer. It is advisable to lock away your wallet, phone and Ipad for safe keeping before you leave for the day. Bank Cards are not advisable for those under Y10 and all bank cards should be handed in for safekeeping.

Students are able to open up a bank account with a letter from the school and your passport and BRP card. A member of the Boarding team will take you to the bank usually within the first few weeks of arriving at school.

There is a daily school wash (Monday-Friday) and all freshly laundered clothes will be delivered to your bed. All clothes need to be named taped prior to arrival. Sixth Form have their own laundry area and are expected to wash and iron their own clothes.

School are able to provide you with a duvet and duvet cover, pillow and pillow case and bottom sheet. We can also provide towels. You may of course wish to provide your own. The bedding goes out to a laundry once per week and students will require a change of bedding if they provide their own.

Limited wi-fi is provided in the boarding house for Y3- Y11. It is restricted to a few hours in the morning and up until 9pm weekdays. It is available all day until 9.30pm at weekends. The wi-fi has strong filters and for your own protection will not allow many Social Media sites except for What’s App, Skype and Facetime. The Sixth Form have a stand alone wi-fi with some filters and unrestricted access.

The school library also houses a bank computers for the girls to use in the evenings and weekends and for the boys the ICT suite in ABIC is also available.

All students (except for short stay) will be expected to purchase school uniform from School blazer. Access to this can be found on the school website or through www.schoolblazer.com. Short stay student may loan uniform from boarding. The school does have a second hand uniform shop but resources are limited. Please ensure that you purchase your uniform well before you arrive at school through the school supplier so that you are equipped from the start if term. Everyone (including Sixth Form) will need sports kit.

All International students are expected to be brought to and from school to airports by school arranged transport or Guardians. You may not make your own way to and from school at the beginning/end of term and half terms. All travel arrangements must be sent to Miss Francis, Head of Girls Boarding at least three weeks in advance of travelling and ideally for the whole year. Miss Francis will endeavour to place as many students together in taxis so costs may be shared. Please do not leave it to the last moment as taxis can be in short supply at peak times. All our taxi drivers are police checked and you must not book your own taxi as your safety is paramount! They will also check you in at the desk in the airport.

All International students are expected to have a Guardian. There are some excellent Guardianships in the UK, but of course, you may have a family member as a Guardian. All Guardians must be over 25 years of age and should be able to look after you were you taken ill or there was an issue (see Guardianship Policy)

All students are expected to eat in the school dining room. The standard of food provided is excellent and snacks are provided in the Common Rm should you be hungry in the evening. Sixth Formers have their own kitchen so may cook if they so wish, but attendance at all meals is compulsory. As this is also a point of check-in, particularly during boarding time.

There will be various shopping trips throughout the year to local towns as indicated in the Boarders Activity Programme. However, should you run out of anything or need an urgent present- one of the boarding staff will always shop for you. There is a small shop in the village which sells tuck and other goods. The Prefects also open the Boarding shop three times per week and at any other time if there is a need. The Boarding shop sell toiletries and stationery.

Sixth Formers may go out in twos to Birmingham or other local town to shop at weekends and Y11 to Lichfield and Uttoxeter in small groups, as long as Parental permission forms have been signed.